September 21

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"2 component thermoplastic and silicone injection molding for medical and pharmaceutical use”

RAUMEDIC offers its customers polymer and elastomer product concepts. Produced through extrusion, injection molding and assembly, these can be used in many fields of application within the medical and pharmaceutical industry. In this area we set our focus also on the development of complex part designs in the field of Drug Delivery, such as patch pumps. Today’s drug pumps control the supply of vital insulin for the treatment of diabetes. And the number of drugs approved for self-medication continues to rise. This has led to more and more application systems coming to market that allow patients to administer pharmaceuticals themselves over a longer period of time. Requirements for the devices are growing accordingly: They need to be smaller and smaller, have sufficiently large drug reservoirs, be easy to use and work reliably in the home setting. We know what’s essential when it comes to the production and assembly of elementary subassemblies for patch and infusion pumps.

The picture above shows examples of implemented two-component products, that are produced by a fully automated injection molding tool with thermoplastic and silicone material. If the components would have been injected separately, they could not be assembled with one another in a process-reliable manner. This results in a two-component design with chemical bond between both materials with the smallest shot weights being produced with repeatable precision using silicone (approx. 0,005g possible).

By using two-component injection molding processes, a complex component design can be achieved, which enable to integrate sealing functions via membranes and at the same time to map microfluidic channels to guarantee repetitive pump movements and precise drug delivery. In order to meet these high component requirements, we at RAUMEDIC develop robust manufacturing processes through our qualification / validation (product development) and thus ensure long-term and sustainable series production for our customers.

Let‘s talk about your requirements and create a solution together!

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