2024 Technical Conference Sessions

"Gentle and Reliable Extrusion, Straining and Mixing of Temperature-Sensitive Silicone Rubber Compounds"

"The Role of Silicone Surfactants in Enhancing the Thermal Performance of Polyurethane Foams"

"Silicon Product for Public Transportation"

"The History and Future of Silicone"

"Eco-friendly and Sustainable Solutions for Silicone Applications"

"From Heavy Industry to Hyper Specialty. A Sustainable Journey"

"Silicones and the EU Regulatory Landscape"

"3D Printing Panel - How 3D Printing is Reshaping Industries"

"Removing Substances of Very High Concern in Silicones with the Planetary Roller Extruder"

"New Generation of Conductive Silicones for Cable Accessories, Flexible Electrodes, Healthcare Electronics and EV Applications"

"State of the Art Extrusion and Curing System Solutions for HCR Silicone"

"Loparex Release Liners and WACKER High-Performance Silicone Adhesives: A View From Both Sides"

"Securing Domestic Supply Chains and Strategic Partnerships"

"Virtual Design Process for Silicone Applications Using Simulation"

"Reliable Simulation Requires Excellence in Material Data"