What is Silicone Expo?

Silicone Expo stands as the foremost industry event, uniting the entire supply chain in the world of silicone. Bringing together manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and key stakeholders, this expo is where cutting-edge innovations, technologies, and products take the spotlight. It's more than just a trade show; it's the dynamic epicenter where industry leaders come together to connect, collaborate, and pave the way for the future of silicone technologies and applications

Why Visit?

Silicone Expo is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to explore the dynamic and innovative world of silicone. As the central hub for the silicone industry and its extensive supply chains, this event provides a unique opportunity to connect, network, and unlock new business opportunities.

It's where manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and industry experts converge to showcase the latest advancements and solutions, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations.

What to expect?

When attending Silicone Expo, attendees can look forward to a vibrant and enriching experience. Above all, anticipate encountering a diverse array of exhibitors, each highlighting the most cutting-edge technologies, products, and applications in the silicone industry.
Here, you can explore innovative materials, state-of-the-art machinery, and ingenious solutions that are shaping the future of silicone applications.

Furthermore, expect to engage in insightful discussions with industry experts and gain valuable knowledge from technical conference talks that delve into emerging trends and best practices. The event provides a dynamic environment for networking, so come prepared to connect with fellow professionals, share ideas, and unearth new and exciting business opportunities.

What will you gain?

By participating in this dynamic event, attendees can expect to acquire deep insights into the latest advancements, innovations, and emerging trends in the world of silicone. Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, or a professional seeking to expand your knowledge base, the expo offers a concentrated platform to learn about groundbreaking technologies, explore innovative solutions, and network with industry experts. 

It's a space to foster collaborations, discover fresh business opportunities, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for advancing silicone technology and applications. At Silicone Expo, attendees can anticipate gaining not only knowledge and industry know-how but also the inspiration and connections necessary to drive their businesses and careers forward.

Why Amsterdam?

We chose Amsterdam as the perfect host city for Silicone Expo due to a myriad of compelling factors. Situated strategically within Europe, Amsterdam boasts exceptional accessibility, serving as a major transportation hub with a vast network of direct international flights. This seamless connectivity guarantees that attendees from across the world can easily access our event, thereby cultivating a diverse and dynamic congregation of industry professionals. 

Amsterdam's world-renowned facilities and vibrant ambiance provide an ideal setting for our expo, offering a distinct fusion of convenience, cultural richness, and connectivity that promises to enrich the experience for all participants. Amsterdam truly stands as the ideal location for Silicone Expo, elevating the event's accessibility and overall appeal.


Exhibitor Profile

Exhibiting companies will be showcasing their products and services from the entire supply
chains- by type of elastomers, resins, fluids and gels:

Attending Buyers

Silicones are among the world's most important and adaptable materials that are used in a wide range of industries globally. Silicones flexibility and resistance to moisture, chemicals, heat, cold and ultraviolet radiation ensures products are more stable, affordable, easier to use and longer lasting. Attendees will be visiting from the following end user groups:

Job Functions

Attendees and delegates will be targeted to the following selection of job roles: