Lukas Linimayr - Business unit manager, Dosing technology  


"We are thrilled to be part of the first ever Silicone Expo as well as Silicone Expo Europe. I feel very honoured to belong to the Advisory Board and to support shaping the Expo. ELMET is an internationally active, high-end, full system & service supplier specializing in processing and dosing of liquid silicone. We inspire with smart silicone solutions and looking forward to exiting meetings."

Thomas Teufel - executive partner

Teufel Prototypen

"The demand for silicone parts has been growing for years, especially in the medical technology and automotive sectors. Now is the time for a fair specifically for silicone and slicone parts in our opinion. We have solutions for prototypes and small batches, and we are happy to be able to show these solutions at a trade fair for silicone in the center of Europe, to get in contact with designers and engineers helping them to find solutions for their problems or to create new ideas."

Katharina Aschhoff - Marketing manager


“SIGMA Engineering GmbH are proud to be founding supporters of Silicone Expo Europe and are excited for this industry first event”

GREG VERNON - Company director

Viking Extrusions

"We are an established business of 30 years, however our passion to grow Viking Extrusions to new heights has not faltered. We want to engage with our existing and potential future customers to better understand their needs, to evaluate how we can improve our products and explore new avenues. Silicone Expo Europe will be just the opportunity for us to do that."

Arjan Teunissen - Marketing & Sales


Lukas HolL - head of sales

"ZORGE is a leading and renowned producer of silicone moulded parts, and has specialized in LSR moulding for many years. We believe that ZORGE should not miss out on participating in an international trade fair held in the Netherlands. As important player in the silicone industry, especially in the LSR business, ZORGE serves many renowned manufacturing companies in the OEM industry worldwide with LSR moulded parts. The presence of ZORGE will certainly contribute to the attractiveness and goals of the Silicone Expo."

"The Silicone Expo gives us the chance to present our company optimally, to make new contacts and also to gain new industry knowledge. In times of Corona, we are happy to finally take part in a trade fair again and to welcome customers and colleagues."